Johs Rasmussen

The transport company Johs Rasmussen, Svebølle is one of Denmarks larger haulage contractors with divisions and filials all over the country and a daughter company in Flensburg Germany.

Our main office is placed in Svebølle. The company has about 200 emploees. A affiliated company  of 40 employees attached to the transport company manage maintenance, cleaning and service of the company’s equipment.

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“Two parts are Required for a good business act”


1932 Johannes Rasmussen started as a haulage contractor in Svebølle. The first transports were the milk-run to Copenhagen with return-goods for the local grocer’s shop . Soon other grocers heard about the possibility to get fresh supplies from Copenhagen, and then the foundation for the transport company was laid.


The first tank-truck was bought.


The company was registrated as Johs Rasmussen Svebølle A/S.


Second generation, Per W. Rasmussen took up as executive manager. At this point the company had 27 trucks and 40 employees.


The Ruth and Johannes Rasmussen Foundation, which owns the company 100% was established.


JR celebrated its 40th anniversary. At this time it was grown to 43 trucks and 50-60 employees.


The division in Kolding was established.


JR’s system of quality-management was certified according to DS/ISO 9002.


In December an evaluation was passed according to SQAS (safety- and quality assessment system compiled by the European chemical Industry Council (CEFIC)).


E. Steffensen Viby Sj. A/S. is incorporated May 1st.


The Tank transport section of the company Hellestrup is incorporated January 18th.


September 1st 3rd generation Klaus W. Rasmussen assumes management from his father Per W. Rasmussen, who simultaneously becomes manager of Johs Rasmussen Svebølle A/S Holding.


JR takes over all trucks from Aalborg Portland on Sjælland and with that all Sjælland cement-haulage.


March 1st the company celebrates its 75th anniversary.


A contract with Nordic Sugar on transport of sugar across Denmark and Norway was signed. Annually transported volume is 550,000 tonnes of sugar


May 4th – Construction of the new headquarter in Svebølle begins. A new office building and common facilities, new tire and greasing station and new warehouse


July 16th - Founding of Johs. Rasmussen AB


August 27th – Inauguration of new premises in Svebølle


Establish Company in Norway


April 1th - JR takes over the silo-activities from Frode Laursen in Denmark


Juli 1th - JR takes over the silo-activities from Nielsen & Sørensen(Flensburg)


September 15th JR takes over the Lubricants business from Samat Nordic in Sweden.